If you are a professional or a business and are thinking whether to have a website or not than read on to

find out why your business needs a website


In today’s time when most of us are on social media let’s say facebook twitter linkedin or any other for that matter and that too absolutely free than why invest money in a website right. You might have thought about this and not only you but many of them think it this way but let me tell you just read this article completely and decide for yourself I will surely help you in making your decision process a bit easier.

The History

Tim Berners-Lee was the person who created world’s first website on August 16 1991 it had a very clunky url http://info.cern.ch/hypertext/WWW/TheProject.html The website was very bare bones and it is still live and attracting visitors.

(Source Huffington post)

Since then the technology and internet world has rapidly evolved, earlier websites were accessible only on desktops and today a responsive website can be accessed via your smartphone and it adapts to it very beautifully.

The number one reason why you must have a website is to show the world and let it know that you exist. It works for you 24x7 and 365 days (366 in a leap year) as your showcase

You can display your products and services, you can have your complete profile setup so that you just have to send your domain name to your client or a prospect and he can go through your website and know about you and your offerings. It just like your virtual outlet.

Number two you will save on your printing and stationery bill, well since every detail about your product and services on your website is in digital format you will make a huge saving and this itself will pay for your website. Just think you have got your catalog printed and in the middle of the year you come up with a new product or service offering what options are you left with to either reprint the catalog or print a separate page right, but with your own website it’s so easy just upload the details on your website and you are ready to go.

This two reasons are more than enough to have your own website. Hang on some of you are still not satisfied ok please read on to find out why your business needs a website.

The ones who are thinking that social media is enough to carry out their marketing activities are right but to an extent having a website will complement your activities on your social media platform. I will explain social media is full of noise say you post some article and your client engages with you and now he wants more details about your product or service and if you have a link to your website he or she can just click the link and he will land on your website

Now just think how important this is, all the distraction that was there on social media site is gone and the focus has shifted on your offering and everything that the visitor sees on your website is talking about you and no one else and you have the control to show what you think is important for your client.

If you build your entire business only around social media and all of a sudden there are changes in the terms of service of that particular platform what do you think will it not have adverse effect on your business it surely will.

All successful businesses and professionals have their website just question yourself why?  It’s simple because website adds value to your business.

I am sure you must have experienced this say you are looking for something the first thing you do is you go to google search and type the keyword google than displays the list and next you click on the link that grabs your attention what happens next well you are on the website of a company that has grabbed your attention.

I am sure by now you are convinced that you must have a website so the next step is to decide what type of website will be good for you no worries you can sit with the web design company of your choice and discuss your project to get the ball rolling.

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